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Our Prestigious Partners

Alfieri Collezione Florence

Alfieri Collezione wouldn't be the same without its prestigious, strategic partners. Here you find seven partners that shaped our project with their excellent contribution. We are thankful to them and to those who contribute in making our Collezione what it is today and to those who shape its future.


YOU are our first partner.

Our guests' contribution to our project is crucial, as the continous feedback we receive keeps us getting better and better. Our guests have a strategic role in driving our Collezione to the future, we thank you for that.


Alfieri Collezione's choice for a beach holiday in Tuscany is Baia Bianca Suites, located on the unforgettable Elba Island. We find this place a - charming, elegant, sleek - small oasis of peace and relaxation, so we suggest it to all of our Guests that wish to have the best for their vacation.

Alfieri Collezione suggests: try it in the spring, you will enjoy the very best of it.


Located in the same Palazzo that hosts Alfieri Collezione, Foody Farm embodies a 360-degree Food & Drink Tuscan proposal. In addition to traditional dishes and the informal Street Food, all based on raw materials from small Tuscan farms, Foody Farm offers the same quality and taste for breakfast, with BreakFarm. As for the drinks, with the innovative "Farmology" concept, the proposals from Foody Farm are unique for both the aperitif and the after-dinner.

Alfieri Collezione suggests: choose Foody Farm for your working lunch, you will get the very best of the tuscan food in a fascinating location just by the river.

BOIS 1920

Alfieri Collezione selected the exclusive fragrances of BOIS 1920 as a perfect olfactive memory to your special stay in Florence.

These perfumes are unique pieces of art produced in Florence by the maitre profumiers of BOIS 1920, our selected partner.

Alfieri Collezione suggests: try Dolce di Giorno and Paranà, voted the best perfumes in Florence by Alfieri Collezione's guests.


Since 1877, Ruffino Italian wines bring the heart of Tuscany to its beloved customers with acclaimed red and white wines including their Riserva Ducale, Chianti Classico, Lumina Pinot Grigio and more from their Tuscan estates.

Alfieri Collezione has partnered with Ruffino to offer you the best of our local production directly in your room or at our Vittorio Bar.

Alfieri Collezione suggests: try Chianti Classico Ruffino DOCG with typical florentine biscotti, the famous Cantucci. The pairing is surprising!


Founded in Grasse in 1996, the M. Micallef brand is now a signature in the world of high end luxury perfumes.
The bejewelled collection, produced and decorated by hand became an iconic work of art and perfume seducing connoisseurs from all over the world.

Micallef is Alfieri Collezione's choice for the courtesy kits in many of our rooms.

Alfieri Collezione suggests: try the Shower Gel on you before dinnertime: it'll leave a unique perfume on your skin for the entire night.


At Alfieri Collezione we love history and art, so we decided to cooperate with AppyGuide – a mobile app that allows travellers to discover art and history through the eyes of world’s top experts.
AppyGuide helps our Guests in discovering exciting new places and let them listen to stories narrated by scholars, conservators, restorers, and other history and art specialists.

Alfieri Collezione suggests: find a rich story of our Palazzo in AppyGuide, it's narrated by Andrew Graham Dixon in person!